Wednesday, 15 March 2017

year 5,6 camp.

My name is Calais i am a year 6. And there were year 5 at camp too  This year we had a camp at pt England school.

First thing  we did was riding  the bike and then kayaking. It was fun and we played get lose. the game is about we had to Dress Up into funny costume. And put face paint on too.
And it was a race. Killerzone  that was a race to. it had a lots of game to play in killzone.
It was fun and  confusing. in the game and it was funny as well. And we went to the pools to it was lots of fun and it was cool.

My favourite part was going to the hall and. We were playing game in the hall but . Some of as went to go and  play on the  scooters. And we were dancing to the music that was on. Oh my camp  group name was captains. And the movie night was stokes.a

Thank you miss Kathy for helping us with camp and miss Timmy, miss haare, Mr Moran, and parents.

I liked learn about the kayaking and get lost and another game  to. look at the below the page.

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