Thursday, 17 August 2017

game of asesome

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t was the weekend because i do pranks in the weekend and it was  my  turn to do a prank. While my
brother  was asleep I bought a  toy!!! I put a Bomb  in his rubbish bin and when the bomb went off he woke up. And he got  angry.

The next  day i was riding a griffin. I was so bored  and i wanted to go on a griffin so i did and it was so cool. I love it  my mum said come inside now. We had some thing to eat and we Gave some to the griffin.  He was eating it.

One day i went to this place that had rotting mummy. But

We were walking and we saw this cool and ugly place.  It was so deep in the Ground.  It was dark and  my brother was scared. When we walked in the deep place  the door closed. My friend  screams and we went all the way down.  The light start to turn on  we saw  all of These rotting mummy. It was so Disgusting ugly mummy.  Then the next day we found a way out we were so happy.

When we got home we were so happy and we were so tried i went to bed and the some as everyone went  to bed…… THE END

Thursday, 15 June 2017

what's for dinner


 Today i will be making meatballs with a hidden vegetable sauce. Main Dish is veg cheese rolls. And for the dessert, a purple velvet cupcake with blackberry frosting.

 It took a long time to make the food. so first a gave the starter dish to them to eat. and then they were eat it. and when they finished eating it. they were talking about it. then we had to give.

  other dish for them to eat. When they finished eating it they were talking about it. And then i gave them the last dish and that was the Dessert. they were eat it. And when they Finished it they talked about it again.

 When i Finishing making it I was so happy. then I gave the food to the judge's. they had a taste of it. I was waiting until they were finished It. was taking awhile for them to do the judge it. And I was scored and shaking at the same time. But when the judge got to score it.

But it was taking a long time to score it. But when the judge score it i was so scared. that they might give me a 9/6. but they actually gave me a 10 out of 10.
and I was so happy. That they gave me a 10 out of 10.

 And that's the end of my story.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


It was a cold and stormy night. Madison went thore a tunnel that led to the supermarket. When I went through the tunnel I heard voices. I said to myself should I go in or not. I would so I went through i was scared and also I was very very cold i was running and i fall. And I saw 2 little girls and there were shadows.I Said quietly to myself i’m scared I raced my self through the tunnel. suddenly I stopped and looked. It got darker and darker the two little girls were running to me and I ran back. And my breath stopped so then I slowed down and then all the lights shut down. And Fainted when I woke up I was in a house could the horror house. And I got possessed and I died. And that is the end of the horror night.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Help! I’m stranded on a deserted island! Para 1 & 2 Who: 3 people who you are stuck with What: What are you going to do? When Where How: How did you get stuck on the island? Para 3 & 4 Invent a technology to get yourself of the island. How do you escape? Stuck Escape Stranded Island Survive Invent Terrified Technology Hungry Thirsty Once a upon time there were 2 best friend on a airplane and we were just hang out. It was cool but then we Heard something going on. it was shaking. Then the plane was falling down. It crash down. it was going to go in the water and we quickly went out. of the airplane. and we were swimming in the water. is so cold and we find an island. we made a fire to come as Warmer and it was not cold any more. And than the next day we were trying to draw something on sand but it didn't work and then the next day it did worked but we were waiting and waiting for someone to come. And then a boat came to get use. we were so happy that they came because there. Was a big wave’s and it was so Scary. but we went back home.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Skye and Calais Now Thats Thinking!

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Maori technology
Man made
Solve a problem
Look forward to..

What is our school’s inquiry topic term?
What did they talk about in assembly for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
When i think about technology i think of ipod and lpones some ways you can not use technology is you could go shopping without  using technology  for clothes and you could do diving without using technology because you could use a real map to chve around with

What do you think we will learn about for ‘Now That’s Thinking’?
This term we are learning about what when maori people go fishing they will use net to catch the fishing hooks and they use boats to get around the water but letters they use speedboats to sent letters they use to sent people to take the letter and now we have people that have bikes that can deliver them instead.

What are you excited to learn about?
What do you want to learn?
I want to learn about is TVs because TV's are cool to learn about that  why i want to learn about TV's.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

shake your tail feathers

True or False? Statement: True or False? How do you know? Weka is a type of bird TRUE Because it said the weka is a nosy bird. Weka found a big blue tail feather FASLE Because it said it was a beautiful, shiny, black, tail feather. She was careful with the tail feather in her beak TRUE Because she love the feather it was beautiful to her. Kahu is an eagle FASLE Because kahu is a tip of a eagle. And they are one of the bigs bird in NZ. Pukeko wants to have the feather to sweep the ground FASLE Because kahu was the one that wants to have it to sweep. Everyone wants to steal the feather off Weka TRUE Because they all wants to uI use is for sweep and clean. Karearea scared the other birds away TRUE Because he said it look like you are followed’’ and then they run a way. Pukeko can fly FASLE No because there wing are too small to fly.

Monday, 27 March 2017

our treasure Island


What is the real name of the Treasure Island?
Whenua hou or codfish Island
What things can’t the Kakapo do?
It dosen’t talk and it can’t fly.
What does Kakapo mean?
Parrot of the night and that just what this bird is.

Why do we need to take care of Kakapo?
Carefully to make sure they don’t all die out.

Why is Codfish Island a safe place for Kakapo?
Codfish Island is a special home for the kakapo.
Why does a kakapo wear a tracker?
The people who look after the kakapo can pick up signals from the tracker to find out where the each bird is and if it’s ok.
What kinds of birds can you find on Codfish Island?
There are bellbirds and kaka penguins and kakariki and fernbirds.
Why are there so many birds on the island?
Because there are no pest on this Island.

Codfish island is on the North Island
False and why it because they live in treasure Island.
The kakapo can fly away from pests
False because they can’t fly they are too fat.
Kakapo like to play in the sun
False they only play at Night.
Kakapo are all over G.I
False they live in treasure Island NOT in G.I.
Rats and mice are on the island
False because they live somewhere Else  
People feed all of the kakapo treats every day
False they don’t feed them every day.

Have a look at your false answers. Can you tell me why they are false?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

this is my poster

This is my poster.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.37.54 pm.png

Rats are a pest because rats can eat mice and they can kaka everywhere inside your house.  In the tree.

What is does

They will eat the chicks and eggs of native birds and sometimes eat adult birds and they eat mice.

Roof rats cause damage to structures by chewing, eating stored foods and carrying diseases, such as Hantavirus. They are most famous for spreading the highly contagious bubonic plague in the Middle Ages.Rats will also attack both animals and humans. Human babies and even adults have been killed in rat attacks.

Because Human babies and even adults have been killed in rat attacks.

It should go because it because rats can carry diseases and it would spread all over the world and people could get sick from it.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

year 5,6 camp.

My name is Calais i am a year 6. And there were year 5 at camp too  This year we had a camp at pt England school.

First thing  we did was riding  the bike and then kayaking. It was fun and we played get lose. the game is about we had to Dress Up into funny costume. And put face paint on too.
And it was a race. Killerzone  that was a race to. it had a lots of game to play in killzone.
It was fun and  confusing. in the game and it was funny as well. And we went to the pools to it was lots of fun and it was cool.

My favourite part was going to the hall and. We were playing game in the hall but . Some of as went to go and  play on the  scooters. And we were dancing to the music that was on. Oh my camp  group name was captains. And the movie night was stokes.a

Thank you miss Kathy for helping us with camp and miss Timmy, miss haare, Mr Moran, and parents.

I liked learn about the kayaking and get lost and another game  to. look at the below the page.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Doing your bit

Walt:This is showing you how to save power and also to do your bit in putting
you trash in the bin.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

fluffy bunny.

Have you ever stuffed marshmallows in your mouth at school befor. Today we were playing a game called Chubby bunny it is cool and fun because someone had to Wear a bunny suits. was funny when he was wearing it. Keep reading my writing if you want to find out some more of the marshmallows story.

In the start of the game there was 4 people to play fluffy bunny of the game and they had to put Marshmallow in your  mouth and it look Disgusting because there mouth was full with marshmallow and Sky swallow her marshmallows in her mouth And  The loser had to wear the  fluffy bunny costume and Tatiana lost she  was Post  wear it but she did not Want to wear it.
Tatiana was too scared to wear the fluffy bunny Costume because She thought that you'll be embarrassed.
The loser has to wear the fluffy bunny.

Kurtas had to wear the Fluffy bunny  want was cool about the Fluffy bunny is that they wouldn't say Fluffy bunny and it was funny .

Thursday, 2 February 2017