Thursday, 17 August 2017

game of asesome

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t was the weekend because i do pranks in the weekend and it was  my  turn to do a prank. While my
brother  was asleep I bought a  toy!!! I put a Bomb  in his rubbish bin and when the bomb went off he woke up. And he got  angry.

The next  day i was riding a griffin. I was so bored  and i wanted to go on a griffin so i did and it was so cool. I love it  my mum said come inside now. We had some thing to eat and we Gave some to the griffin.  He was eating it.

One day i went to this place that had rotting mummy. But

We were walking and we saw this cool and ugly place.  It was so deep in the Ground.  It was dark and  my brother was scared. When we walked in the deep place  the door closed. My friend  screams and we went all the way down.  The light start to turn on  we saw  all of These rotting mummy. It was so Disgusting ugly mummy.  Then the next day we found a way out we were so happy.

When we got home we were so happy and we were so tried i went to bed and the some as everyone went  to bed…… THE END