Thursday, 30 March 2017

shake your tail feathers

True or False? Statement: True or False? How do you know? Weka is a type of bird TRUE Because it said the weka is a nosy bird. Weka found a big blue tail feather FASLE Because it said it was a beautiful, shiny, black, tail feather. She was careful with the tail feather in her beak TRUE Because she love the feather it was beautiful to her. Kahu is an eagle FASLE Because kahu is a tip of a eagle. And they are one of the bigs bird in NZ. Pukeko wants to have the feather to sweep the ground FASLE Because kahu was the one that wants to have it to sweep. Everyone wants to steal the feather off Weka TRUE Because they all wants to uI use is for sweep and clean. Karearea scared the other birds away TRUE Because he said it look like you are followed’’ and then they run a way. Pukeko can fly FASLE No because there wing are too small to fly.

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