Monday, 27 March 2017

our treasure Island


What is the real name of the Treasure Island?
Whenua hou or codfish Island
What things can’t the Kakapo do?
It dosen’t talk and it can’t fly.
What does Kakapo mean?
Parrot of the night and that just what this bird is.

Why do we need to take care of Kakapo?
Carefully to make sure they don’t all die out.

Why is Codfish Island a safe place for Kakapo?
Codfish Island is a special home for the kakapo.
Why does a kakapo wear a tracker?
The people who look after the kakapo can pick up signals from the tracker to find out where the each bird is and if it’s ok.
What kinds of birds can you find on Codfish Island?
There are bellbirds and kaka penguins and kakariki and fernbirds.
Why are there so many birds on the island?
Because there are no pest on this Island.

Codfish island is on the North Island
False and why it because they live in treasure Island.
The kakapo can fly away from pests
False because they can’t fly they are too fat.
Kakapo like to play in the sun
False they only play at Night.
Kakapo are all over G.I
False they live in treasure Island NOT in G.I.
Rats and mice are on the island
False because they live somewhere Else  
People feed all of the kakapo treats every day
False they don’t feed them every day.

Have a look at your false answers. Can you tell me why they are false?

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