Tuesday, 6 November 2018

explanation structure

this week we are learning how to do explanation structure.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

first day of school

         First day of school
This monday our school had assembly the teachers were talking about what we will be doing. The theme of this term is te wa toi that means we are doing art. So each team are doing something to do with art. so i will be explaining what our school will be this term.

Team 1- painted a lion but they painted it in 4 different papers.It was kind of like it was a puzzle. Because the teachers in team 1 went into groups and they painted 4 Different parts of the lion to match the other parts of the lion. And when they were finish they put all the parts together  and it was a lion.

Team 2 did a video of all about me that means they were on the computers telling us where they were from and what they do out of school just telling us about them. So they are going to do art on the computers.

Team 3 did body painting it was really creative and they use their body to paint what they wanted to paint. What they use to do body painting is, they use paint and a BIG paper they put all the paint on their body and they were rolling everywhere and jumping and everything to put the paint on the paper with their body.   

Team 4 did a art comp with a muse their were 5 teacher who did it they painted about muse they had to draw it in 5 mins so it was quite fast but at the end they finish.

Team 5 our team my team our teacher did a play so they were telling us about there painting and why they painted it. they also told about our attitude, when we do painting we have to show our emotions and what we want to paint i mean you don’t have to do that. Do whatever you want to paint.

(The ending) after our team finish doing their play mr burt starting talk about the painting and what we are going to be doing and stuff. Also mr burt told us what we will be doing this term.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

who is me hero

who is my hero? Paragraph writing

My sister are my hero.(why) they Support me and they help me that is hard in anything that i can’t do. They do lots for me and i do the same to them. Because that's how much i love them.

My sister are creative,they love dancing and they also like sports. There favourite sport is soccer well they like all kind of sports but it's mostly soccer.They love laughing  and they always have a smile on there faces. When i was little me and my sister’s didn’t really get along also My sisters didn’t either. even though they are twins, ( Some twins ain't the same) it was kind of sad how we didn’t get along when we were younger but ever since we’ve moved here in Auckland we’ve kind of Change. And now i can do lots of things with them like go out with them and help them.

Tyli and Chelsea are my heroes because they love me who i am and  they are my role models they also stick up for me if something bad happens. Chelsea and tyli are always positive and they make my day even better they also puts a smile on my face when i’m angry. They’ve been my heroes since day one yes we didn’t get along but the are my hero and they will always be my hero.

My heroes are my sister tyli and chelsea they are my heros. And they are the best.


this week i am learn about pests.

Friday, 24 August 2018

25 words & 100

Yesterday me and my siblings went out to the movies & the pools we also went to mcdonald too. After we did that we went home.

Hi my name is Calais i am a year 7 i’m 11 years old i also go to Pt England School. I have 10 siblings but some of them are my step and my half. My favourite colour is red my family's favourite colour is it’s  either blue or red. What i like doing at home is to play on my phone iPad or Chromebook. But what i don’t do at home is to go play with my friends or go out with my family. My birthday is on November the 15th, so it's on a Wednesday. My favourite subject is reading.