Wednesday, 16 September 2015

calais jordan at the big game

On monday we ad a cross country and we ran on monday we have to ran and it was the rli cross country and it is the. Finish line and it is weird when i went bui my sif and it is a cool ras and it was a i got a srici of wotr and i was. Tude and i was and a cool run and a cool fun and it was a my lecs and a fun ran. When we got to ran and a cool as ran and fun and it is a good theg and fun i worked i am a student and i am. And we are a good team and a fun to be cool and fun and cool to the cross country and cool fun. When we ran we went to the finish line but when we ran . The finish line and a cool theg and a we got to mad dode and a cool and fun and the pefc but when we ran we. Have a cool and fun but we are cool and fun and colould and we are cool. when the cap went we run to the finish line and we got mad at the cross country is fun and cool to and it is one of my cool and fun to and i like cross country to like it and it is cool

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