Thursday, 11 May 2017


Help! I’m stranded on a deserted island! Para 1 & 2 Who: 3 people who you are stuck with What: What are you going to do? When Where How: How did you get stuck on the island? Para 3 & 4 Invent a technology to get yourself of the island. How do you escape? Stuck Escape Stranded Island Survive Invent Terrified Technology Hungry Thirsty Once a upon time there were 2 best friend on a airplane and we were just hang out. It was cool but then we Heard something going on. it was shaking. Then the plane was falling down. It crash down. it was going to go in the water and we quickly went out. of the airplane. and we were swimming in the water. is so cold and we find an island. we made a fire to come as Warmer and it was not cold any more. And than the next day we were trying to draw something on sand but it didn't work and then the next day it did worked but we were waiting and waiting for someone to come. And then a boat came to get use. we were so happy that they came because there. Was a big wave’s and it was so Scary. but we went back home.

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