Tuesday, 14 February 2017

fluffy bunny.

Have you ever stuffed marshmallows in your mouth at school befor. Today we were playing a game called Chubby bunny it is cool and fun because someone had to Wear a bunny suits. was funny when he was wearing it. Keep reading my writing if you want to find out some more of the marshmallows story.

In the start of the game there was 4 people to play fluffy bunny of the game and they had to put Marshmallow in your  mouth and it look Disgusting because there mouth was full with marshmallow and Sky swallow her marshmallows in her mouth And  The loser had to wear the  fluffy bunny costume and Tatiana lost she  was Post  wear it but she did not Want to wear it.
Tatiana was too scared to wear the fluffy bunny Costume because She thought that you'll be embarrassed.
The loser has to wear the fluffy bunny.

Kurtas had to wear the Fluffy bunny  want was cool about the Fluffy bunny is that they wouldn't say Fluffy bunny and it was funny .

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  1. Hi Calai you writing is wonderful and cool. Also make sure you use a question mark after every question.