Thursday, 24 November 2016

crazy motata

We were getting ready to go on the bus. when we got into the Bus we were singing and when the yeas 6 went to camp. the yaes 4 and 5 went to  motat but the yeas 6 would have a good time at their  camp. We got to set down. when me and julie went to the Toilet julie was waiting for me to go  toilet but my group was gone and me and julie was trying to look for them but we couldn't find them then we got to eat but our group was not there and we went and to  play the games but when the others  were going back to school we  don't know that they were going we were looking. everywhere but we couldn't find them we were lost the Lights went off and julie running away and the lights  came back on and that when she went and i was looking for her everywhere but i  couldn't find her she was too far away i looked in the Toilets but she was not there and i I told her not to go but she  running  away someWhere and i looked  in the game. and I found her but the bus did not go it was here the hole time the and We saw the kids going into the bus me and julie ran to the bus.

                        The End  

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